Want to challenge yourself? Click on the puzzle numbers or pictures below for some great jigsaw puzzles that I have created. The final pictures are really beautiful and capture the many aspects of the sun.

Note: In order to play, your browser must support Java.

Puzzle 1:

This puzzle is an image of a solar flare on the sun's surface. They are fairly regular events, but always spellbinding.

Puzzle 2:

Many cultures use the sun in art. This is a Mayan "Tablet of the Sun". It was built by king Chan-Bahlum (692A.D.) to commemorate and celebrate his accession rites to the throne after the death of his father, King Pascal.

Puzzle 3:

This one is an image of a series of "sunspots"--dark areas on the surface of the sun.

Puzzle 4:

This puzzle shows a solar eclipse. The sun is blocked by another object (usually the Earth or Moon) coming in front of it. Only an outlined ring is visible.

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